We’re About

We work with innovative and interesting companies who want to build their brand into something customers will love and share. To do this, we link online and offline experiences to build campaigns for real people, not statistical averages. This takes shape through social media campaigns, websites, videos and much more.

We create everything with the purpose of growing our client's revenue and brand awareness. That’s why our deliverables are simple, refreshing and timeless. But in the end, we just love working with brands who want to create something unique.

Giant Leap

The 60’s was a time of relentless effort and incredible innovations. This is what inspired us to call our agency Giant Leap. Everyday we strive to bring these cultural values to our agency's work, and it’s the kind of culture we find in the companies we love working with.

Our clients range from the Fortune 500 to award-winning small businesses and startups. Some clients begin with a website or social media campaign, but we also provide a full-service approach for many clients.

This custom and comprehensive approach begins from a first principles perspective. We use this to find solutions to core problems, ultimately finding novel ways to improve your brand's reach resulting in improved revenue. Our ideas are bold and our results are unmatched. We'd love to show you what we can do.